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Customer FAQs

Q: Do your flyers go to mailboxes or are they hand delivered?
A: All flyers are hand delivered to homes in the Las Vegas Valley
Q: On what day do flyers get sent out?
A: We have crews working Monday through Sunday. So, it could be any day during that time
Q: Do I have to pay for service upfront
A: Yes. The payment for work is due prior to start.
Q: Will my flyer be delivered with other companies?
A: In some cases, we may deliver your fyler with other customers. During your onboarding, your account specialist will discuss in more detail.
Q: What kind of services do you offer?
A: We design, print, and mail flyers/postcards for all types of businesses and event promoters. We can mail to an entire zip code or a targeted list of addresses based on your target demographics.
Q: How long until a rep calls me after my order is placed.
A: A LVpromos representative will call to discuss your project within 24 hours of receiving the order.
Q: What is a saturated mailing vs targeted mailing?
A: A saturated mailing is where we target a zip code and further select routes in that zip code based on average household income and age. The USPS post office will be the ones placing these right into each mailbox along the chosen routes.

A targeted mailing is where we comprise a list of addresses based on many demographic factors such as income, age, occupation, location, and many more. These addresses can be spread throughout the country or found in a single zip code.
Q: What is your minimum requirement for mailings?
A: We require at least 1,000 flyers/postcards for printing + distribution.
Q: How do you plan out the distribution?
A: You can choose a residential zip code and we will be able to tell you how many houses are in the area. We’ll then select the routes that are appropriate for your business. If you have a physical location, we can select a 0.5 – 5 mile radius directly around it.
Q: How much do you charge per flyer?
A: We charge depending on how many flyers you’ll be advertising with. The prices also depend on several different factors and we would be able to give you a better quote once we know a bit more about your goals and business.
Q: How long does it take you to mail out flyers?
A: Design typically takes 1-2 business days or until you approve the final draft. Printing would be 7-10 days and then 1 business day to prepare/sort the mailings. They’ll be dropped off to the post office immediately after.
Q: What is the response rate like?
A: Typically it is not uncommon to see response rates of 1-5% The most important part of any campaign is what you are offering to your potential customers. Of course, a pizzeria will have much higher response rates as opposed to a real estate company.
Q: How can we track response rates?
A: There are several ways to track response rates. One way would be to designate a custom phone number on the postcard so that you know the call came from the campaign. The phone number will be routed to your chosen phone whenever someone calls. Another method is to include a custom discount code that they would enter on your website or when ordering your product/service. Lastly, you can require them to mention the flyer/postcard in order to receive the discount.
Q: Do you provide printing only?
A: Yes, if you’d like to mail them out yourself we can have them printed to the post office’s standards so that they’re ready to go. We also provide printing for door hangers and all other kinds of media.

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